Saturday, January 31, 2015

My current wish list ♥

Hi everyone :) 

This post will be on my current wish list. 
After watching some youtube videos recently, iv come up with some of  beauty products that id want to share.

So here they are!
I'v heard that these products are very popular and one of the best beauty products. 
The last item on my wish list is a TP-LINK power bank. 
For those who aren't sure what power banks are, these are portable chargers for your mobile phones. So.. for the people like me who have their phones in their hands 24/7, most likely their phones will run out of battery really fast but by having one of these portable charges will save your life! xD

I have been searching for these products online and iv discovered that EBAY is the best online shopping site. EBAY is rather cheap compared to the other high class beauty online stores so i definitely reccomend buying through EBAY. 
I was first not too sure if i can trust EBAY but from my experiences, i have never experienced any difficulties communicating with the seller or any shipping problems.

In Australia, it is really hard to find these products and I'm actually not sure if they sell any of the brands above (except l'oreal)so i am planning to buy these products off EBAY and i will do a haul and a review when i receive them. If any of you have tried any of these products, let me know in the comments below if they are any good! 

- emiri. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

My new favourite drink!

Hi everyone :) 

This post will be about my new favourite drink that I'm sure most of you will love as much as i do. 
I have been literally OBSESSED with this drink and love to share with you all. 
This drink is very easy to make and only takes a few minutes. 

The ingredients are..
- Chia Seeds
- Black Tea bags 
- Lemon juice 
- Honey 
- A kettle to boil your water
- A spoon
- A cup of your choice :) 
mine is from Kmart for only $2! 

The Steps..
1. Boil some water with a kettle. After the water is boiled, leave it for 10-15 minutes so it won't be too hot when you drink it. 
2. In a cup of your choice, pour in the boil water and put in a tea bag and leave it in and stir for about a minute. 
3. Take out the tea bag and put in some lemon juice and honey. 
4. Stir until the honey is dissolved. 
5. Put in some Chia Seeds and stir until most of the chia seeds have sank to the bottom and now you're ready to drink :) 

Chia Seeds are my favourite but they're also very healthy for your body! 
Chia Seeds contains a lot of fiber, protein, calcium and Omega 3s. They also contain a decent amount of Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin 1, Vitamin B2 and B3. 

I usually drink this every morning and i believe that this will help for those who wants to get in to a diet since they fill me up a lot! 
I really recommend this drink to boost up your healthy needs :)

- emiri.



This is my first post for this blog so here i will be introducing about myself :) 
This is not my first blog i made however, i have stopped using my old blog a year ago. This was because i was in high school and with all those important exams.. so hopefully since I'm a university student now, ill be able to update and give some reviews and experiences of some products i have used.

My name is Emily and I live in Australia in the Gold Coast. 
I was born here with my 100% Japanese background :) 
I love travelling, eating new food, experiencing with different makeup and fashion! 
My current goals are to stay healthy and happy for the rest of my life :) I also hope that my future job will be either a optometrist or a lawyer. 
I really love reading and watching other peoples blogs and hear their experiences and what their life is like. 

To end this post, ill add in a photo i took which was taken from my parents bedroom window :) 

- emiri.