Friday, January 30, 2015



This is my first post for this blog so here i will be introducing about myself :) 
This is not my first blog i made however, i have stopped using my old blog a year ago. This was because i was in high school and with all those important exams.. so hopefully since I'm a university student now, ill be able to update and give some reviews and experiences of some products i have used.

My name is Emily and I live in Australia in the Gold Coast. 
I was born here with my 100% Japanese background :) 
I love travelling, eating new food, experiencing with different makeup and fashion! 
My current goals are to stay healthy and happy for the rest of my life :) I also hope that my future job will be either a optometrist or a lawyer. 
I really love reading and watching other peoples blogs and hear their experiences and what their life is like. 

To end this post, ill add in a photo i took which was taken from my parents bedroom window :) 

- emiri. 


  1. hey Emily.. hope you don't mind if I call you EM ^^
    enjoy your blog ya ^^ can't wait for your other blog post ^^
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    1. thank you so much! i love yours too!
      my very first follower! and yes i have followed you :)


  2. hi, emiri-chan! thanks so much for the visit in my blog! Here I am! I just follow your GFC so technically I'm your second follower! hehe
    I really hope you can stay on blogging as I do love seeing photos of travelers. would love to visit Aussie someday!
    Do visit my blog again, okay! :D
    xx, Mira |

    1. aww thank you so much. id love to follow you too!
      yes i will try my best!! and yes you should come to Australia,
      its a very nice place :)

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  6. Hey Emily! welcome back to the blogging world <3


  7. Looking forward for your posts!
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    1. thank you! i have followed you back too :)


  8. thank you for visiting my blog :)
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  9. This is a nice post, I love that photo! Now following xx

  10. Hi there Emiri,
    What course are you taking? I'm also hoping to be a lawyer and gonna study law this year..*hopeful*
    Good luck blogging and I would love if you like to be blog buddies :D

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  11. Hello, Emiri, nice to know you! I have heard Australia is the most dangerous place on earth, is that true? ahhahaha
    anyway enjoy your new University time and best luck for your future job. Anw, my future job is almost the same like yours, because it has something to do with political and law. can you guess? ahhaha

    Love, Lucy x

  12. Hi I nominated you for Liebster Award. Check out the post on my blog.